A Challenge on a Thursday

Well, guys, the day is here! Thursday! Here already and I’m totally 100% prepared! Just kidding. Am I ever fully 100% prepared?? No.

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i did another thing (and some things about my last thing)

I think I can now crown myself the Queen of Extremely Vague Titles. I think I have finally reached that platform in life. I have found my place in the sun and I am basking in it’s warmth. But now I should probably tell you what this update is actually about.

I knocked another thing off of my summer bucket list! And it was painful. And kind of more expensive than I thought it would be…

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Apologies and Promises.

Ugh. Guys… I’m horrible. Really, I am. I’ve left you hanging for TWO MONTHS and I’ve been feeling so bad about it! Things just got really hectic with school as it’s currently finals week and my workload got really intense! I have thought about making blog posts but I either never had an idea, or I never had time! 

This is the promise part. I promise not to blog every single day. It’s a daunting task and I DO have a life outside of my computer (shocking, I know, but what are you gonna do about it, right?). I will make you this promise, however: I promise to write a post at least once a week. At least. Since it’s the beginning of winter break next week, I may just bring my computer along with me to my family’s house where I’m staying and just brainstorm. Is there anything that you guys would like me to write about in particular?

Anyway, I bid you adieu and I will write another post sometime before Thursday!
See you around, lovelies!

4 quick and painless DIY projects

Alright, guys… I want you to guess what I’ve been doing all day. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

No, I don’t even have a pet rabbit.

OKAY, stop guessing! You’re really bad at this! For the entirety of this beautiful Saturday, I have been inside, on my laptop looking at DIY projects. I’m a creature obsessed! I guess I am going to be a 50 year old cat lady before I even hit 25. Who knew? But I did find some really cool ones that I would love to share with you, because I totally am going to do them someday, and for those of you who have the time, they are all do-able over the weekend!

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just a little apartmental inspiration

Well, it’s that time again! I’m writing once more and this time it’s with a theme in mind! I mention in my about page that I have a very eclectic sense of style (that I would totally broadcast if I wasn’t a poor college student) and I want to go even further and tell you (the vast readership that consists of my mom… maybe) which styles I actually like. Now, you can agree or disagree, but if you disagree I will personally think that you’re wrong, so… yeah. I’m very personable, I promise!

I have been loving bright, bold colors lately, like reds and oranges, which is strange because I’m usually more drawn towards the cool color side of that infamous color wheel we all learned about in our elementary school art classes. I have always been drawn to slightly older, over-sized world maps and I love globes, which probably has a lot to do with my insatiable wanderlust. I mean, I suppose you could casually mention in a totally non-accusatory way that I am (unfortunately and much to my own protesting) drawn to the more “hipster” style of apartment. I love vintage things like old typewriters and record players (and saying that I loved them before they became popular really doesn’t help my “I’m not a hipster just because I like hipster things” case) and I would love to incorporate them into my one-day apartment. Unfortunately for me, that apartment probably won’t be anything close to the brilliant apartments that I look at online. Whichever apartment I get in the future will probably be small and cramped with an ugly, beige carpet that hasn’t been cleaned since the day it was installed in 1983, so I’m always on the hunt for pictures of apartments with carpets (cough, cough- if any of you random people who somehow find this know of any good inspiration pictures, drop a line).

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