life’s a beach

Okay, first off- I hate using clich├ęs like that, but it just fits so well. I’m back in Ohio after spending a glorious week on the beach, being warm and getting sunburned, and it’s cold. We all know that I hate being cold, as evident in my last post.

We road tripped it to Myrtle Beach and with stops it took a total of 12 hours. Ugh. The drive was fun, though! We jammed out to playlists that we had made on Spotify and stopped to eat in random places, which was fun. I got accosted by a man for pronouncing his town’s name wrong. Wytheville. I’m sorry, but it looks like it would be pronounced “Why-thvil“, but I guess it’s “with-vil“. My bad. Sorry any Wytheville, VA citizens reading this. Also, sorry about your 2009 hostage crisis, but it was fun being there. You have a good Subway.

Alright, so we got to our condo, which we rented on Vacation Rental By Owner from a lovely woman named Julia who is now my best friend, and we unpacked and went grocery shopping. We were going to check things out that night but we were exhausted and opted out of that to get some sleep instead. The next day was beautiful and sunny and so, of course we went to the beach. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS.


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