it’s happening: ipsy #1

It’s happening, it’s happening! Okay, this is it, everyone calm down! My very first ipsy bag arrived the other day!!! Also, to my fellow United States-ers, Happy President’s Day. Little known fact: I have the biggest crush on Babe Lincoln, and this holiday is kind of a countrywide celebration of his birthday (February 12) and Washington’s birthday (February 22), as well as a celebration of our Presidents in general. You know, the only thing we really do for President’s Day is stop the mail and close the banks, which is very inconvenient for me, but I’m sure a nice break for the mail and bank staff. I’m sure Obama has the day off as well, which must be nice for him. He’s a cool cat.

But PD aside, we are here for a purpose: the unveiling of my very first ipsy bag!! How exciting! It came in an eye-catching hot pink padded envelope and it was quite a delight to see in my mailbox! The actual bag inside was a lovely pink as well, with cheetah print lining!


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oops, I did it again…


I swear, guys… I’m going to get better at this. I know I’m full of excuses, but the semester started and I didn’t realize how busy I would be! Between work, reading for all of my classes, writing essays, and everything else that I have to do, I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone write a blog post! But since I’ve decided to be a Grown Up Adult, I figured I should probably do at least one of the things on my to-do list, and my bank is already closed for the day.

Just kidding, of course, I love writing in this blog, but I have been really busy, and for that I apologize. My commitment to all of you, dear readers, is good and strong, though wavered a bit in the face of essays, English classes, and exams (things that start with the letter E, basically).

Now that apologies are (once again) out of the way, I’d like to tell you what else has been up! I signed up for a website called ipsy, which is a whole lot like Birchbox, only twice as fun. Every month you receive a “glam bag”, which is a $10 monthly subscription of makeup products (both trial and full-sized) and it all comes in a different, cute makeup bag that you can use forever! I had been recommended to join this site by countless people and FINALLY caved last month. I’m going to receive my first bag soon and I’ll unveil that all for you guys (maybe in video form, if I do in fact buy my new camera, but please don’t hold your breath on that one; Rent needs to be paid, you know), though they do show you online what you are getting, I like to be surprised. I’ll post a review of the signing up/unveiling experience for you guys, if you’re interested! Hopefully that will entice you to join in on the fun, that way we can talk about which products we did (and didn’t) like, and share as a group!

Also, can someone remind me to bring my charger to work next time? I’m dying without my fingertips to a touchscreen. Is it possible to be too dependent on an inanimate object? Nah!

Until next time, sweets!


reflection and goal setting

Hello all of you, dear readers! I hope that you had a splendid holiday season and I hope that you will continue to have a fabulous new year!

Christmas has passed and soon so will the entirety of 2013, and I can’t really say that I’m sad to see it go. This has been an interesting year, full of ups and downs but most of all, it’s been full of growth and resolution. I started the year as a completely different person, and I’m happy with who I’ve become, but there is still room for improvement (*sigh* isn’t there always? Nothing’s ever really complete…).

It’s in these times of the end and new beginnings that I get slightly introspective. I look at all of the intricacies of my life and what has and could have been, and I take them for what they are. Missed chances are just chances that I may, one day, get to correct. I have learned about myself more this year than any other, and for that I am thankful.


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Personal Style Icon #1

Call me a nerd if you want to, but I will wholeheartedly admit to my undying love of anything Nancy Drew. Seriously, I’m obsessed. I have all of the books, I play the PC games (go ahead, judge…), I own The Official Nancy Drew Handbook (Skills, Tips, and Life Lessons from Everyone’s Favorite Girl Detective) and, yes, I also own the 2007 film starring Emma Roberts as the titan-haired sleuth herself!

Why am I telling you all of this, you may be asking… And as any good sleuth, I’m going to find you the answer. To be honest, this task isn’t very hard as I’m the one who holds the answers in the first place. … Does that make me the villain in this situation? Hmm… Regardless, I’m telling you, dear readers, all about my love affair with a teenaged fictional character for one reason– Nancy Drew is the first spotlight in my new series: Personal Style Icons! These PSIs will be posted every few weeks (or whenever I feel like, really… Because when have I actually stuck to any sort of schedule here, right?) and I will post entries on whose styles I admire. That being said, let’s get cracking!


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it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

I don’t know what it is about this year, but I’m really excited for the holidays! The day after Halloween I started playing Christmas music (much to my friend’s dismay) and I honestly haven’t stopped. I just don’t know, but it makes me really happy! Anyway, since ’tis the season, after all, I figured that I would share the spirit with my lovely readers! I’m going to give you a few of my favorite Christmas Time things, which coincidentally also happen to be some of my favorite things in general! Might as well dive into it!


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Apologies and Promises.

Ugh. Guys… I’m horrible. Really, I am. I’ve left you hanging for TWO MONTHS and I’ve been feeling so bad about it! Things just got really hectic with school as it’s currently finals week and my workload got really intense! I have thought about making blog posts but I either never had an idea, or I never had time! 

This is the promise part. I promise not to blog every single day. It’s a daunting task and I DO have a life outside of my computer (shocking, I know, but what are you gonna do about it, right?). I will make you this promise, however: I promise to write a post at least once a week. At least. Since it’s the beginning of winter break next week, I may just bring my computer along with me to my family’s house where I’m staying and just brainstorm. Is there anything that you guys would like me to write about in particular?

Anyway, I bid you adieu and I will write another post sometime before Thursday!
See you around, lovelies!

4 quick and painless DIY projects

Alright, guys… I want you to guess what I’ve been doing all day. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

No, I don’t even have a pet rabbit.

OKAY, stop guessing! You’re really bad at this! For the entirety of this beautiful Saturday, I have been inside, on my laptop looking at DIY projects. I’m a creature obsessed! I guess I am going to be a 50 year old cat lady before I even hit 25. Who knew? But I did find some really cool ones that I would love to share with you, because I totally am going to do them someday, and for those of you who have the time, they are all do-able over the weekend!

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