it’s happening: ipsy #1

It’s happening, it’s happening! Okay, this is it, everyone calm down! My very first ipsy bag arrived the other day!!! Also, to my fellow United States-ers, Happy President’s Day. Little known fact: I have the biggest crush on Babe Lincoln, and this holiday is kind of a countrywide celebration of his birthday (February 12) and Washington’s birthday (February 22), as well as a celebration of our Presidents in general. You know, the only thing we really do for President’s Day is stop the mail and close the banks, which is very inconvenient for me, but I’m sure a nice break for the mail and bank staff. I’m sure Obama has the day off as well, which must be nice for him. He’s a cool cat.

But PD aside, we are here for a purpose: the unveiling of my very first ipsy bag!! How exciting! It came in an eye-catching hot pink padded envelope and it was quite a delight to see in my mailbox! The actual bag inside was a lovely pink as well, with cheetah print lining!


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heat protectants

In this day and age, with all of the heated hair tools and dyes, it’s good to try to protect our luscious (or not so) locks at least a little bit. I actually didn’t use a heat protection for most of my life but now that I’ve been using it, I absolutely cannot live without it. I will never, ever use heat on my hair without any kind of protection because, let’s be honest- yes, hair grows back, but do we really want to wait for that? No, of course not!

I currently use three different heat protections- two when my hair is wet, and one when my hair is dry. Honestly, I love the two that I use with wet hair more than the one I use on dry hair, as my hair is much more silky and luxurious when I do it that way, but I’m not about to wake up a half hour early just so I can use them. I’m a lazy creature who doesn’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn- sue me.

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