i did another thing (and some things about my last thing)

I think I can now crown myself the Queen of Extremely Vague Titles. I think I have finally reached that platform in life. I have found my place in the sun and I am basking in it’s warmth. But now I should probably tell you what this update is actually about.

I knocked another thing off of my summer bucket list! And it was painful. And kind of more expensive than I thought it would be…


That’s right, kids. I punched a hole in my face. Plus, also, my purple nearly all came out. There’s some still in the ends where it’s so dead that it’s become a zombie and had to be killed again, but everywhere else it’s just… not there anymore, which is extremely disappointing because I WASHED MY HAIR IN COLD WATER. We all know how much I hate the cold! I sacrificed for this purple hair and for WHAT? For it to abandon me in my time of need?! Oh, well. This being said, I probably will try a different brand of dye next time. The Manic Panic Purple Haze was a great color but it just didn’t last. Within two weeks it was almost completely gone! Boo!

But yes, I pierced my nose and I had to keep my eyes closed the entire time or else I would have chickened out. Let me just tell you a story about my piercing history-

I have had my ears pierced three times and the first time (not the first ATTEMPT, because there had been countless attempts and chickenings out before this) that I got my ears pierced, I was 15 years old. I took care of them and kept them in there for like two years before I took them out because I thought, “Hey my ears are not abnormal and I take care of my piercings” and I slept for the first time in two years sans earrings. I woke up the next morning and my holes were completely healed. Rinse and repeat. I am like a super human with crazy healing powers. I AM WOLVERINE. The last time I got my ears pierced they kind of still did that, but I can poke my earrings through so it’s not as bad. I just have to basically repierce my ears every time I put in earrings. It’s whatever.

Hopefully that won’t be the way this nose piercing goes, though I don’t really plan on not having something in there at all times because having a straight up hole in my nose would freak me out. The piercing and jewelry cost $40 at the tattoo shop that I went to, which I kind of wasn’t aware of until I was already pierced but it’s whatever. The lady who did it was super nice and I’m about 89% sure that she didn’t mind when my nose bled a lot. She did mention that I probably don’t have very good clotting abilities so maybe I should get that checked out. I say this, you should know, in a passive way, like how some people say “oh, yeah, I really should clean out my attic one day.” It probably won’t happen and then one day I’ll need great clotting abilities and where will I be?! Probably dead or something, I don’t know.

She told me to clean the piercing with a mixture of 1 part Dial antibacterial soap (the orange kind that smells like an elementary school) and 3 parts distilled water, which I don’t actually have, but I have purified bottled water and that’s good enough for me. She also told me I could do a salt soak, which I haven’t done yet but will maybe try tonight! For that I just substitute the Dial soap for sea salt. ¬†Basically, my nose gets to go swimming in the ocean while the rest of me doesn’t. The rest of me is happy about this because, you know… large bodies of water freak me out.

Anyways, it’s only been two days but so far so good! I’ll keep you updated on how everything goes with my holy nostril and things will be super cool. Maybe I’ll buy a leather jacket and a motorcycle and cruise off towards the sunset. If only I could be that cool…

xoxo, Taylor!


2 thoughts on “i did another thing (and some things about my last thing)

  1. Taylor,

    Your nose stud looks soO fab on you! You totally look like you were born with it! I really compliments your cute face, glasses and hair. Instead of the badass look with leather jacket, consider the “professional look” with your black glasses, i.e., silk blouse, black pencil skirt and pointy toe pumps. Promise you’ll turn heads and look super sexy.


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