snow, you’re beautiful, but can you please go away?



For the past four months, I’ve been in agony. I love the way snow looks as it is falling, and I love a brisk winter’s day… but a brisk winter’s day is all that I need. I am an avid lover of summer and all things warm and cozy. I love warm weather and beaches and being outside without seeing my breath and freezing my butt off in -12° weather. No thank you, Mother Nature. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me*!

I’m so glad that in a mere week, I will be in the warm(er) land of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where my friends and I are celebrating our Spring Break. Of course, my professors loaded me up with work to do, which kind of defeats the purpose of it being a “break”, but doing that work will be all the better on the warm sands of a beach in a far away kingdom. We’ve rented a little condo in central Myrtle, which is super cute and I will remember to take a butt load of pictures! I used to be somewhat of a photography nerd, to the extent that it was my major during my freshman year of college, but lately I haven’t had a lot of time to take pictures and hopefully this vacation will give me the freedom to do so. Also, if any of my beautiful (and handsome) readers have any recommendations on locations to frequent, I would love to hear them!


* props to you if you noticed my Monsters Inc. reference. Gotta love that Pixar!


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