Personal Style Icon #1

Call me a nerd if you want to, but I will wholeheartedly admit to my undying love of anything Nancy Drew. Seriously, I’m obsessed. I have all of the books, I play the PC games (go ahead, judge…), I own The Official Nancy Drew Handbook (Skills, Tips, and Life Lessons from Everyone’s Favorite Girl Detective) and, yes, I also own the 2007 film starring Emma Roberts as the titan-haired sleuth herself!

Why am I telling you all of this, you may be asking… And as any good sleuth, I’m going to find you the answer. To be honest, this task isn’t very hard as I’m the one who holds the answers in the first place. … Does that make me the villain in this situation? Hmm… Regardless, I’m telling you, dear readers, all about my love affair with a teenaged fictional character for one reason– Nancy Drew is the first spotlight in my new series: Personal Style Icons! These PSIs will be posted every few weeks (or whenever I feel like, really… Because when have I actually stuck to any sort of schedule here, right?) and I will post entries on whose styles I admire. That being said, let’s get cracking!


To start us off, I’m just going to put this out there- this is only in reference to the styles of the 2007 movie version of Nancy Drew. She had a seemly lovely style in all other aspects as well… Minus the PC games where she dresses like a middle-aged soccer mom (I mean seriously Nancy… A horse shirt?) and some of the tragic book covers of The Nancy Drew Files.

This movie, though not a period piece like I would’ve hoped the movie to be, was still good and the costumes for Nancy were AMAZING. It’s like she stepped right out of my mind onto a screen. In the film, Nancy states that she makes all of her own clothes and that she “likes old-fashioned things,” to which another character, Inga (played by Daniella Monet) responds snarkily, “Oh, we’ve noticed.” Her wardrobe is so preppy and wonderful, consisting of scarves, cardigans, dresses, headbands, pea coats and penny loafers, among other things. Most, if not all, of Nancy’s wardrobe has a distinctly 1950’s feel to it, which I personally love.


Last, but certainly not least, Nancy always carries her detective kit with her, pictured above. In a very well organized satchel bag, she keeps anything one might need to help her with her mysteries, from first aid supplies, a compass, a flashlight and magnifying glass, to one of her beloved housekeeper, Hannah’s, delicious home-made pastries. In a DVD extra, Emma Roberts takes you on a tour of Nancy’s detective kit and shows you all the goodies that are hidden inside. For your enjoyment, I’ve included the video link here! Below is a screenshot of the opened kit, though, for your hungry eyes to feast on!


So, dear readers, have I convinced you? Do you love Nancy Drew as much as I do? Probably not, and I don’t blame you for that. Nancy Drew is a very offbeat taste. I do commend you, though, if you are a member of the Clue Crew like I am, and you should definitely comment below so we can have a chat about it!

And now for another question- did you like the idea for this post? I have a couple more PSIs kind of planned out if it IS something that you enjoy, and I would love to write about them further if you guys would like to read it!

Now, if you please, I’m gonna go try and find a mystery to solve or a bad guy to arrest. There’s nothing I love more than a badass chick who saves the day, you know!



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