4 quick and painless DIY projects

Alright, guys… I want you to guess what I’ve been doing all day. Go ahead, I’ll wait!

No, I don’t even have a pet rabbit.

OKAY, stop guessing! You’re really bad at this! For the entirety of this beautiful Saturday, I have been inside, on my laptop looking at DIY projects. I’m a creature obsessed! I guess I am going to be a 50 year old cat lady before I even hit 25. Who knew? But I did find some really cool ones that I would love to share with you, because I totally am going to do them someday, and for those of you who have the time, they are all do-able over the weekend!

Ry-500-2picture by: projectnursery.com

  • No-Sew Bunting Flags! A wicked cute way to personalize any space that you may possess, and all you need is card stock, trim and a glue gun!

02dd5e5ef48b93cc79f9d8a0d3f9b2c6picture by: kandubeads.com

image2-22picture by: swellmayde.com

  • Aren’t these Gold Gilded Geode Rings so impossibly cute? Like I love love love them! They’re beautiful and still give you a natural, earth-made item of jewelry!

085797605fa17f4271999fd564e7ad41photo by: aandbstories.com

  • And finally, this cute Handmade Soft Walrus Toy! It’d be perfect as a gift to a child, or to have something around to hug on days when it’s sometimes just too much. We all get there, don’t worry. It’s a simple project, and they recommend using a sewing machine, but if you don’t have one I’m sure you can just do it by hand.

I’ll admit, I’m putting this here selfishly because they’re the projects that I want to do first and this post is serving as a reminder of that. One of these nights my friends and I really need to have a pinterest party and just go at it. Maybe next Wednesday when American Horror Story: Coven is on. I’ll be sure to review that show for you, by the way.


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