there’s no place like home

So remember how in my last post, I posted about the different interior styles that I like (minus the bathroom and bedroom, because honestly, that would have been such a long post)? Well, now I kind of feel like talking about exteriors. I mean, you should never judge a book by its cover, but there is a point where you have to acknowledge that sometimes exterior appearance does matter.

I think my obsession (and yes, I’m pretty sure it’s an obsession- I bought Sims 3 just so I could build and decorate different houses, and I regularly frequent just to look at houses in different places) stemmed from growing up with a real estate agent for a mother. That’s right, she’s just as crazy about houses as I am (if that’s possible). She has been a realtor for like… my whole entire life, so family vacations and stuff were often spent driving around looking at houses in different neighborhoods. She, like I, has a very eclectic style, but tends to favor a preppier, country style, while I stray more towards a strange juxtaposition of preppy and boho.

Putting internal tastes aside, we both generally favor the same external sort of look, and almost all of them have some history to them. Large brick Colonials; old, slightly-creepy Victorians; cute English Cottages… You know, the norm for any middle class family in Mid-America. HA! I wish. I would have loved to grow up living in the attic of a beautiful old Victorian, or in a tiny cottage bedroom surrounded by books, but my life doesn’t come from a Roald Dahl story, so I am sadly out of luck. But there’s plenty to look forward to in the future!

Image from:; architecture by: Harrison Design Associates

That thing, up there, that gorgeous piece of brick and concrete, is a brick and ivy Georgian Colonial. Can I just- Ugh. I love it. Harrison Design Associates is an architectural company that makes beautiful-beyond-beautiful residential and commercial spaces (as well as landscaping and interior design). Seriously, take a look at their portfolio, because they are TOPS. They’re great if you want a historic-reproduction house, you know- a historic looking house without the hassle of actually having to live with all the historic house problems. I, personally, would not mind dealing with the regular (and sometimes frequent) maintenance of an older home, but not all people are like me, and that’s probably a good thing.

picture from:

This pretty pink palace is located in Eureka, California. It’s The Pink Lady, formally known as the Milton J. Carson House, and it was designed by the Newsom Brothers sometime during the 1880s. The Newsom Brothers designed many homes in the San Francisco Bay area and became quite well-known for it. But isn’t this just proof that not all Victorian houses are scary looking? I mean, the Full House house was a Victorian! Then again, so was the Munster’s… hmm

tuckboxPhoto from:

Okay, so I saved what I think is the best for last. Ugh. I love them. I can’t even. ENGLISH COTTAGES. I love the quaintness of them and the thatched roofs and the beauty. They’re honestly like something out of a fairy tale, so quirky and magical. In Carmel, California (a place that I personally aspire to live in one day) they have a bunch of these storybook cottages, built by Hugh Comstock, that are honestly something out of a dream. The one pictured above was built by Comstock in 1928 and is now known as The Tuck Box. Isn’t it precious?! I kind of envision myself living in one, stuffed to the brim with books, comfy chairs and a warm fireplace. I swear, I’m going to be THAT lady. I’m going to be THAT English teacher. The weird one. And I’m completely fine with it.

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