just a little apartmental inspiration

Well, it’s that time again! I’m writing once more and this time it’s with a theme in mind! I mention in my about page that I have a very eclectic sense of style (that I would totally broadcast if I wasn’t a poor college student) and I want to go even further and tell you (the vast readership that consists of my mom… maybe) which styles I actually like. Now, you can agree or disagree, but if you disagree I will personally think that you’re wrong, so… yeah. I’m very personable, I promise!

I have been loving bright, bold colors lately, like reds and oranges, which is strange because I’m usually more drawn towards the cool color side of that infamous color wheel we all learned about in our elementary school art classes. I have always been drawn to slightly older, over-sized world maps and I love globes, which probably has a lot to do with my insatiable wanderlust. I mean, I suppose you could casually mention in a totally non-accusatory way that I am (unfortunately and much to my own protesting) drawn to the more “hipster” style of apartment. I love vintage things like old typewriters and record players (and saying that I loved them before they became popular really doesn’t help my “I’m not a hipster just because I like hipster things” case) and I would love to incorporate them into my one-day apartment. Unfortunately for me, that apartment probably won’t be anything close to the brilliant apartments that I look at online. Whichever apartment I get in the future will probably be small and cramped with an ugly, beige carpet that hasn’t been cleaned since the day it was installed in 1983, so I’m always on the hunt for pictures of apartments with carpets (cough, cough- if any of you random people who somehow find this know of any good inspiration pictures, drop a line).

You know what? For organizational purposes, let me do this room-by-room! I’ll start with the kitchen because- let’s be honest- that’s where I’m probably going to be spending the most time. Fish gotta swim, bird’s gotta eat, you know? Alright, I really love the concept of open storage, but, again, I’m poor so people would totally be able to see my lack of food. Then again, it may prompt me to be a little more orderly and order out less! Who knows, maybe I just convinced myself! Anyway, if you don’t know what I mean by open storage, I mean this:

Photo from: bhg.com

I mean, I honestly think that is so cool, and it utilizes space if your cabinets are, well… Lacking. I like the idea of grabbing a few cool looking bottled beverages (alcoholic or non… whatever), some cool yet uniform crockery and an over-sized appliance or two and putting them on display. I also love the idea of using a well-stocked bar cart as a decoration. Some cool glasses, almost top-shelf liquor, a shaker and a couple of mixers does the trick and you could bring out the embellishments (lemons, limes, etc.) when you have company (because, let’s face it… If you have a well-stocked bar, you’re going to be having guests over).

And, I mean, when you have company, where are you going to hang out with them and, uh, live? That’s right kids, say it together- the LIVING ROOM! Also sometimes known as a den (if you already have a formal living room) or a parlor (if you just want to get fancy), it serves as a place to hang out, watch television, read a book, study and basically just sit there until your meat falls off your bones and you disintegrate. Uh… Sorry, that was a little more descriptive and I got lost a little along the way- ANYWAY your living room is a place that you will spend a lot of time so it would do some good if it was comfortable and you enjoyed looking at it. In my case, as I mentioned before, my future living room will probably be small and carpeted and from what I’ve read, it’d be a good idea to stray away from bulky pieces of furniture that will take up loads of space. As that was never my intention to begin with, I think I’m good. But I will put out something right now, and I’ll say it proud- the one piece of furniture that I love most for a living room is a credenza. Call it a TV table, if you must, but I will tell you right now- it’s called a credenza if it resembles this:

Previously sold on: dwr.com

Isn’t it a thing of beauty? Credenzas became popular in the mid-19th century and have recently made a comeback with an array of other things from the mid-century (I’m looking at you, sunburst mirror, you saucy little minx). I absolutely love the mid-century/mid-century modern feel. I think it’s so cute and mod and I would definitely bring a couple of larger pieces (e.g. a credenza or a cool nutshell chair) into my home to give it a unique feel.

Anyway, I think you can see where I’m going with this. I like things that are, uh… Unique? I’ll just be honest- I like a lot of the stuff that you would find in the home section of an Urban Outfitters. The first step is admitting, right?

Anyway, that’s all for today as my non-existent Carpal Tunnel is acting up (cough, cough…), so I will leave you with this. I. Really. Like. Throw. Pillows.


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