nine twenty one

There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to realize that they don’t have as much control over things as they thought they did. That time for me is now, apparently. I go to my classes, I work, I come home… And that’s pretty much it. I hang out with my friends and we have a great time, but I am absolutely desperate for something a little more exciting. Do I know what that thing is? No, not yet. Do I hope that I will figure it out sooner, rather than later? Of course! Until then, though, I suppose I’ll just do what I always do- keep my chin up and find a new hobby.

To be absolutely honest, I’ve always been shit at keeping up with journalling. I have a plethora of half-filled notebooks with scribbles about my life at the time, which is all well and good to look back on, but I’ll state it right here, right now- I have commitment issues with myself. I suppose it’s good that I admit it; that’s always the first step, right? But I like writing about my life, no matter how mundane it is, so I’m going to actually try with this one. Sound like a plan? Good.


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